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Ashlar STEM Academy Instructors prepares you for the AP® Physics Exams. These online practice tests will help you evaluate your skills and knowledge on the topics covered throughout AP® Physics 1, AP® Physics 2, AP® Physics C Mechanics and AP® Physics C E&M Classes.

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  1. Fill out form on the right and Submit it. You can read our PRIVACY POLICY.
  2. Once your application is approved, a link to the Practice Test that you have requested to take will be sent to your email. Further instructions will be provided in the email.
  3. Legal Guardians of each student are required to submit this application on behalf of their students.


APĀ® is a registered trademark owned by College Board, which was not involved in the production of Ashlar STEM's online tests, and does not endorse, them.


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Online Physics Tests offered by Ashlar STEM ACADEMY is prepared by our founder and instructor, Arif ERKOCA, PhD.

Learn more about Arif ERKOCA.

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"When will the Earth stop spinning?"

Read the Post on Ashlar BLOG

This is a good read for AP Physics C students and first year College students who have taken calculus-based Physics classes.

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"Relativistic Doppler Shift vs Relativistic Beaming"

Read the article on Ashlar BLOG

It is an instructive study on the phenomena known as Relativistic Doppler Shift and Relativistic Beaming. It may be a good motivational article for those who are curious about the topics. Some parts may seem vague to those who haven't taken any Special Relativity Class, however the only math used is simple algebra.


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